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One of our local customers in Taiwan who were originally running with other company’s plastic film washing plant, but the customer is not satisfied with it, He said that the machines are not in good condition and does not perform well. The customer had purchased our DW-350 plastic film squeeze dryer in the beginning of 2016, he was very satisfied with the efficacy. According to customer’s feedback, the extruding capacity has increased more than 20 %, and the quality of pellets after extruding had become better. 

After six months, The customer decided to set another production line to earn more profits, and the priority of manufacturer is Genius Machinery, He was satisfied with our DW-350 squeeze dryer, finally decided to choose Genius machinery to service for him.

Recently, the new washing line has been completed installed and tested in the customer’s factory; we believe that the machine will bring lots of profits to the customers!

Country: Taiwan
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