Genius Corporation starts to have extraordinary performance at plastic recycling markets from 2017. Not only successfully breaks into the market of Europe, but we currently also signed the contract of agent & machinery with Korean company KCTECH which mainly produces PE foam. During production procedures, it will generate lots of clean waste material which is the main purpose for them to purchase plastic recycling machines.

The CEO of KCTECH named Park Hyun Chang comes to Taiwan in the beginning of March and also visits 4 manufacturers of plastic recycling equipment. After his consideration, he eventually chose Genius as the top choice. As to the business trip’s period to Taiwan, he noticed the advantages of plastic recycling machines and realized the potentiality of plastic recycling markets.

After heading back to Korea, Mr. Park Hyun Chang started to popularize Genius to the Korean associations and many of them have already followed it. He then signed the contract of agent with Genius for cooperation and truly believed Genius will successfully bring thriving business towards plastic recycling markets in Korea.