COVID-19 Changed the World, Genius Always Stands with the Customer

Due to the worldwide outbreak pandemic, Genius Machinery could send no engineer to the site where the client is there, neither that they could help the guest install and commission the machine; even so, Genius Machinery aided the customer to install and operate the plastic recycling machine through utilizing instruction and video conference. Besides, Genius attempted to simplify the procedure for installation. All the client had need to do is locating machine in correct place according to the layout for the factory and connect the wires; soon after that, he could operate the machine quickly.

“At the beginning, I was anxious for did not install it well. Moreover, due to the influence of the epidemic, Genius Machinery’s engineer couldn’t reach here to set it up. However, they kept helping me resolve the problem, and figured out the solution by video calling. They taught me patiently so I can set the machine on correct position step by step. Finally, it could operate well. Thanks to them, a weight has just been lifted off my shoulders, I really appreciated.” Said a Peruvian customer.

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