Oct 07 2021

How to Choose the Right Machine for Film Recycling?

The increase in plastic raw material prices has made many manufacturers uncover the need for recycled materials. Many plastic product manufacturers tend to enhance their in house recycling facilities, and many more are looking for feasible solutions to recycle plastic scraps to include in the manufacturing process. Nowadays, one of the most common materials that have been recycled globally is scrap films including post industrial or in house scrap films, agricultural films, greenhouse films, plastic woven bags and plastic woven fabrics. On the other hand, different purposes of plastic productions require different levels of purity and clearness for recycled materials. In this case, many manufacturers who plan to start a plastic recycling business have a general question: “Which plastic recycling machine is better for my needs?”

In this article, through the GENIUS RECO series force side feeding recycling machine series,  we will share insight on how to choose a suitable recycling machine for particular purposes, especially for plastic film recycling.

►GENIUS: Force Side Feeding Recycling Machine - RECO Series

GENIUS sold more than 200 RECO Series Force Side Feeding Recycling Machines and Plastic Squeeze Dryers globally. Variety of the customer portfolio is one of the well known strengths of GENIUS. Through the various requirements and feedback from different customers, today the company is one of the most reliable manufacturers of customized plastic recycling machines. Based on most common customer questions, we list some points below to assist customers about what to consider when choosing a plastic recycling machine.

1. Customizable Machine Design
In the recycling industry, customization is one of the essential considerations. Because nowadays many manufacturers from different fields are required to recycle several types of waste plastic materials that either  occur as the result of in house manufacturing or acquired as scrap materials from such as packaging, agricultural or post consumer scrap plastic recycling industries. Since the customization includes many steps like screw designs, machine size, filtration,  pelletizing, and further upgrades, finding a machine manufacturer that can provide a high level customization is found more beneficial for long term cooperation.

Upon the customer requirements GENIUS specialist team provides a flexible customized recycling system for each customer starting from sorting units, feeding units,  to degassing units , number or type of filters, storage and packing systems.Moreover, due to the various materials to recycle, GENIUS often helps customers with the unique screw design requirements and pelletizing units. Also, the force side feeding recycling machines are equipped with such as dual piston filters and auto self-cleaning filters upon customer’s request. Recently most of the customers prefer die face cutting pelletizing units to achieve more unique pellets for further manufacturing. Plant size has also become another consideration for many customers, the company has already received many customers’ appreciation with the custom-size machine manufacturing for various sizes of plants. 

2. Plastic Washing and Drying Requirements
Washing must be required if the plastic films to recycle are considered dirty for the desired output. And if the materials are less clear or less dirty, washing can be optional for the recycler due to the purpose of recycling. The agricultural films might contain dust and oil, post consumer films and bags might contain food residues. Such as the materials that are going to be used in production of bags requires a higher purity than plastic pavers. After washing, the moisture level increases in the plastic material. To handle these issues GENIUS provides optional Squeeze Dryer units alongside with the machinery. After Squeeze Dryer the moisture level decreases to under 1%, whereas drying with classic spin dryers ends up over 10% of moisture level. Lower moisture is crucial for the extruder efficiency and high quality pellet output.

3. Pelletizing Unit
Choice of pelletizing unit is also one of the crucial points to achieve high quality pellets. There are several types of pelletizing methods in the recycling machine industry. However, recently many customers pursue to achieve uniform size of pellets to resell to manufacturing industries. GENIUS suggests die face cutting pelletizers (also known as hot die cutting pelletizing system). In this system, the molten polymer passes through the die head. A rotating blade cuts the hot polymer at the face of the die while it is passing through the pre adjusted die hole and falls into a water ring for cooling.

The GENIUS die face cutting pelletizers have a universal joint design. The cutter adjusts the blade automatically during operation. Final plastic pellets are in uniform size in order to be sold at a desired price in the market.

4. Filtration System
In the recycling machinery, the filtration system is directly related to the purity of the pellets. Choice of the filtration systems and number of filters are determined by the contamination level of the materials and also the desired purity of the output. Most of the time in house plastic scrap materials are less even non contaminated by other materials such as oil, dust, and non-polymer materials. In this case a simple filtration would be sufficient, however for the recycling of such as post consumer materials, heavily contaminated agricultural films require several steps of filtration. 

►GENIUS High-quality and High-purity Pellets Recycled by RECO Series

In RECO Series Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine, GENIUS provides three different filtration systems for the customers’ choice, and the machine can be provided with single stage or two stage filtration options. The first filter option is the plate filter, which is mostly preferable for the clean material recycling. The second option is the dual piston filter, which is mostly suggested for the dirty material recycling. The system provides a wider filtration surface to reduce filter changing requirements and time spent. Moreover, while changing the filter screen one of the filters is always in the operation for continuous production. The third option is the self cleaning filtration system, which saves time for manual screen changing of the filter. This filtration process can reduce residues by over 80% of the melted polymer.

5. Other Superior Features of RECO Series Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine
In terms of the machinery industry, customers are more willing to acquire durable, lasting, cost savvy and highly customizable machinery.  In addition to the features above, GENIUS Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine Series also comes with the features that assist the customers to save time and energy.

  • Increased Performance and Quality Output: The force side feeding device maintains the very stable feeding flow. The stable feeding ensures the main screw is always fully loaded with materials for highest output performance and uniqueness of the output. The system Increases the output capacity by up to 50%.
  • Labor Cost Saving: The feeding control system monitors the ampere and controls the feeding speed automatically. That allows only 1 or 2 operators to run the entire plant.
  • Unrivaled Degassing System: The machine can be equipped up to triple optional degassing zones with vacuum pumps. That maximizes the degassing efficiency for high quality pellet outputs.
  • Exhaust-Free Machine Design: The machines can be equipped with uniquely developed two-stage extruders. Creating a completely enclosed flow prevents the molten polymer from releasing smoke.

►GENIUS RECO Series Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine Superior Features

Customer Feedback and Success Stories
When it comes to customized machine manufacturing and after sales services, GENIUS’s fame across the borders. Such as an Ukrainian blown film manufacturer started a long term relationship with GENIUS by initially acquiring a washing line. The machine quality and the continuous after sales services provided made the customer acquire the RECO Series Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machines to manufacture pellets. Since the customer is a blown film manufacturer, during the production there are many scrap films that have occurred and those films are fluffy. For this reason, the third time the customer asked for the expertise of GENIUS. At the end, the customer bought the customized KRIEGER Series Single-stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machines to recycle those in house scrap films.

A Korean scrap plastic film trader originally used to sell unwashed scrap films to Vietnam. Since the customer decided to enhance its facility with the plastic washing line and recycling lines, contacted GENIUS after hearing the fame of the company in the industry. The customer acquired a washing line with squeeze dryer and RECO Series Two Stage Force Side Feeding Recycling Machines for stretch film recycling. Electronic panel of the machine especially customized for this customer and electronic parts upgraded with Korean parts upon customer request. The customer said he enhanced his profitability with the machine lines he acquired, and is planning to upgrade his production through buying another line from GENIUS.