Case Study: RECO-125 Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine in Czech

Customer Requirement:
The customer utilized the RECO-125 Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine to process plastic powder as the raw material. Due to the lightweight nature of powder, using the Cutter Compactor Feeding system led to the material dispersing like dust. Therefore, Genius suggested the implementation of the Force side feeding system along with a sealed conveyor to minimize dust dispersion.

The Reco series Force side feeding plastic recycling machine provided by Genius Machinery effectively handles various materials, including wash & squeezed film flake or crushed rigid material. The stable feeding process enhances the extruder's output and reduces energy wastage.

The machine adopts PLC control, coupled with an HMI operating system that features one-click start and stop functions. Additionally, it supports recipe input, simplifying user operation.

Furthermore, the pelletizing system with Universal-joint design significantly reduces dust generation during the pelletizing process, thereby improving production efficiency.

Professional Assistance:
In the initial contact, the customer reported issues with their existing pelletizing system in handling their powder material. Genius Machinery not only offered a solution but also actively provided professional advice, assisting the customer in overcoming challenges. This combination of expertise and attentive service gained the trust of the customer.

Genius Machinery successfully installed the Reco-125 Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine in Czech, meeting the customer's requirements for processing lightweight powder. The customer was impressed with the machine's efficient operation, the quality of pellets manufactured from this machine and the professional support provided by Genius, establishing the foundation for a long-term partnership. Genius Machinery remains committed to the customer's success, collaborating for mutual growth and achieving a win-win situation.

Country: Czech Republic