Won First Prize for the circulatory system or recycling equipment in the 2018 Taiwan Plastic & Rubber Industry Award

The 2018 TaipeiPlas was successful ending. However, we are more concerned about the global waste plastic treatment issues after the exhibition. China has prohibited the import of waste plastics since 2017. After that, the Vietnam government also followed up this prohibition. Many European and American's waste plastics cannot be shipped to these countries, so traders turn to handle and recycle these waste plastics in their country. Facing the issue of plastic recycling, the global plastics industries are having a new revolution.

Genius has been working in the field of plastic recycling machine for more than forty years. To make customers more convenient in recycling waste plastics, Genius relies on experience skill and constantly innovating to stand on an important place in the global plastics recycling market.

Genius showed the KRIEGER-85 Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine. By using the special technology to process the screws and the die-head, it helps to create a better wear-resistance for the products and increase the service life. In addition, the KRIEGER-85 equips with a high-precision gearbox from Italy that can withstand higher torque with good transmission efficiency. Even the motor is small, it won’t be overloaded. It helps the customers reduce the power consumption. By these features, Genius has won the First Prize of the circular system or recycling equipment in the 2018 Taiwan Plastic & Rubber Industry Award for Excellence in Research and Innovation.

plastic recycling pelletizing machine  won first prize in the 2018 taiwan plastic and rubber industry award

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