Plastic Squeeze Dryer

Application Materials

Even the water-washed plastic film via procedures of the spin-dryer still contains over 10% moisture whose material would reduce the productivity of the extruder and quality of pellets. The latest development for recycling film: plastic film squeeze dryers which could make moisture to the minimum and the squeezed material only contains 3% moisture below.

Superior Features

  • Lower moisture, higher capacity

    Plastic squeeze dryers are a vital part of plastic film washing lines.
    Washed films retain up to 30% wetness normally. High humidity will be affecting the efficiency and production of the following pelletizing process. Having a plastic squeeze dryer is a must to dehydrate the washed film, reduce the volume of recycled materials, and further refine the essence of final plastic pellets.

Final moisture less than
1% ↓ after processed





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