Shredder Integrated Plastic Recycling Machine

Application Materials

All sorted plastics other than PVC

Superior Features

  • Originating from Human Nature

    Genius Machinery always seeks mutual growth with customers, providing the best solutions. ShredMax, based on this principle, is conceived through continuous brainstorming.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    ShredMax's robust compatibility ensures the smooth shredding of various types of plastic waste, simultaneously feeding them into the extruder, perfectly addressing the issue of oversized raw materials hindering direct recycling.

  • Ultimate Efficiency

    Efficient design maximizes output with minimal space requirements and energy consumption.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Quick replacement of worn-out parts reduces downtime.

One-Click Start-Up

After automatic feeding of waste into the shredder, shredded plastic materials are continuously conveyed into the extruder.

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