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Date:28 - 30 March, 2023
Location:Expo Guaadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico

Booth No:2012


Empowering the Blown Film Industry with Sustainable Solutions at Expo Plasticos 2023 : Genius Machinery

Genius Machinery, a leading manufacturer of recycling machinery, will be participating in Expo Plasticos 2023 in March. Our aim is to display the newest innovations in the plastic recycling industry to all attendees. An essential product we will be featuring at the expo is the air cooling pelletizing machine. This machine boasts an air cooling hot face cutting system that provides an efficient solution for recycling plastic film or bag scraps. We're excited to present our cutting-edge technology to attendees and demonstrate the ways in which our machines can help businesses of all sizes from the blown film industry optimize their recycling operations.

Genius Machinery's Air Cooling Recycling Machine is specifically designed to recycle a variety of edge-trimmed materials produced by PE bag production lines and light printed plastic films. This includes HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and PP. The machine operates quietly and consumes minimal energy, making it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition, the machine features an innovative air-cooling system that helps to reduce energy consumption during the recycling process.

Unlike traditional recycling machines that require large amounts of water for cooling, the Air Cooling Recycling Machine utilizes an air-cooling system, which makes it ideal for areas with water scarcity. This feature also reduces operating costs and maintenance expenses.

In addition, Genius Machinery has recently published several helpful articles, including "5 Steps to Building Your Own Plastic Film Washing Line/Plant" and "6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Melt Filters for Plastic Recycling Extrusion Machines." These resources are a testament to our commitment to supporting our customers and promoting sustainability in the plastics industry.

Genius Machinery's Air Cooling Recycling Machine is an outstanding solution for plastic film waste or scrap recycling. Its efficient, reliable, and cost-effective features make it a top choice for blown film businesses seeking to enhance their recycling operations. Additionally, the machine's flexibility and user-friendliness ensure that it's an ideal option for any blown film processing business looking to optimize its recycling facility.

We're confident that visitors will appreciate the machine's flexibility and user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for any blown film processing business looking to enhance their operations. Our booth number is 2012, and we invite all attendees to come and learn more about this innovative technology, as well as our other products and services. Our friendly team members will be available to answer any questions and provide additional information about how our recycling solutions can help businesses of all sizes optimize their operations.