April 15 2022

Constantly Adjusting to Different Recycling Policies Around the World

In terms of plastic recycling, recently more and more countries have allowed lots of subsidy policies to encourage the related fabricators to improve the machine in the industrial area, even gaining huge profits in the business.

For example, Genius Machinery has sold their squeeze dryer and recycling machines with significant growth in the Japanese market due to the related policies of the country.

Speaking of the machine feature, clients will consider lots of items as the principal priorities: reasonable cost, durability, etc… No matter what they choose, the two principal points of consideration are still the productivity and the quality of products. Therefore, Genius Machinery, who has over 45 years of designing, manufacturing customized plastic recycling machines and equipment, is ready to serve clients around the world. Genius has various experiences in different materials. Their professional team can find the solution for the materials demanded and then propose the appropriate methods correspondent to their demand.

There is high percentage of usage of plastic film in our daily life, so how to recycle the material also is a vital issue for all of us. When people get helpless about the messy situation regarding the chaos of waste plastic, Genius Machinery has already thought how to provide a better solution for the clients around the world.

Genius KRIEGER series Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine has been one of the bestselling machines. The machine is equipped with highly flexible elements to resolve a vast range of waste plastic films, such as plastic films, foams, woven plastic fabrics, etc. In the process of extrusion, Genius’s team applies the induction and ceramic heaters. Utilizing automatic control can increase the efficiency of heat function, it can lead to high homogenization for the next steps in pelletizing.

In respect of pelletizing systems, there are several types of cutting systems, but the two most used systems are hot die-cutting and spaghetti cutting. Most of clients prefer hot die-cutting system because the system can reduce well the labour cost and the materials waste. However, it has a weakness: it can’t handle the materials with high MFI. Genius’ universal joint design for hot die-cutting can make the life of cutting blades longer, and also it is convenient for their clients to exchange the blades. Genius also can apply well the hot die-cutting system to process high MFI PP materials, and it can cut the pellets into uniformed form.

During the pandemic situation, more and more clients will concern about the machine installation and the education training issues. They strive to make their installation designs as simple as possible so their customers don't have to spend a lot of time assembling them. 

Genius Machinery has already served a lot of recyclers around the world, even in the pandemic period. They keep the principal motivation in their mind: increasing productivity creates more benefits and infinitive possibilities in the industrial area. Connect with Genius Machinery, to let them back you up. Smart Recycling, the Genius Way.