June, 10,2022

How to Select Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine to Make Quality Pellet?

Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine Selection - Why is it Important?

Selecting a right Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine is one of the most important criteria in making quality plastic pellets consistently and profitably for recycling. A right machine will help to keep its high quality, productivity, and low costs.

What is Plastic Film Pelletizing System?

The Plastic Film Pelletizing System is the technology that integrates crusher, extruder and pelletizer in one complete pelletizing line. It is also a closed-loop solution for plastic film or bag processors. In this process, plastic scrap or waste film is recycled and reprocessed. The melt-filtrated polymer are cooled briefly and cut into pellets. Plastic processors then reuse it for a variety of applications. The most common films to be pelletized in recycling are printed or non-printed PE, PP, BOPP film. multi-layer film, shrink film and stretch film.


6 Factors to Consider When Selecting Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine

Contrary to what many believe, a Plastic Film Pelletizing Machine or Recycling Pelletizing Line with the best performance is not necessarily the best choice. Let's start with the selection process and revisit some of the other considerations when selecting the right plastic film pelletizing machine to solve your problems, bring you profits, and recycle efficiently at a lower cost.

Understanding the selection process of plastic film pelletizing machines is the first step: to know the plastic material types you intend to recycle, calculate the output requirement, select the machine requirement including cutting and feeding types, and then select the options to the equipment.

The following is the list showing 6 factors to consider when selecting plastic film pelletizing machines.

  1. Compact Design

    It can definitely save some space and also fit right next to your production lines, such as film or bag-making machines.

  2. Easy Installation

    This install option is intended to help you recycle films or bags in no time, without any additional configuration.

  3. Effective Cost

    Compared with recycling pelletizing machines of the same size, the costs of machines from Asia are much more competitive.

  4. Energy Saving

    Using less energy via energy efficiency technology is a simple way to reduce energy consumption and save production costs.

  5. Durability Key Components

    Extruder screws and barrels are the key components for plastic film pelletizing machines. High-quality and perfect match screws and barrels are needed to be guaranteed and the best fit for recycling pelletizers.

  6. Fast After-service

    Inventory of spare parts is the last but the most important consideration that you have to pay extra attention. Some machine manufacturers do not manage spare parts, so it takes a few months if you need maintenance. Therefore, having a manufacturer with better spares management will help you get a quick repair and reduce downtime.

Customized Design Service from Genius

Genius is well-known for its customized service for film pelletizing recycling systems and machines. One Ukrainian blown film manufacturer started a long-term relationship with Genius by initially acquiring a washing line. The machine quality and the after-sale services provided made the customer acquire the Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machines to manufacture pellets. Since the customer is a blown film manufacturer, the production results in having many scrap and fluffy films. For this reason, on the third time, this customer searched for Genius’s expertise and bought the customized Single-stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machines to recycle those in-house scrap films.


New Trends - Universal Recycling Pelleting System

Most manufacturing plants are looking for one universal recycling pelletizing recycling machine with reliable melt filter that can process many different types of plastic film materials. Genius has developed a new version of plastic recycling pelletizing machines to achieve flexible recycling with competitive prices successfully. These pelletizers provide customization options with lower energy consumption and less labor requirement!

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