June, 10,2022


Pelletizing plastics is the process that includes melting and cutting polymers into easy-to-handle plastic pellets. Understanding pelletizing system and feeding system will help you select the right plastic pelletizing machine!

Pelletizing Systems

Pelletizers are the essential parts of plastic pelletizing machines. There are several types of pelletizing methods. Die face cutting system, also known as hot die cutting pelletizing system is the most popular used system among the other options. In this system, the molten polymers pass through the die head, and later on a rotating blade cuts the hot polymer at the surface of the die.

  • Hot Die Face Pelletizing System

    • Hot Die Water-ring Pelletizing
    • Underwater Pelletizing System (UWP)

  • Strand Pelletizing System

  • Automatic Strand Pelletizing System

Feeding Systems

The common feeding types for plastic pelletizing recycling machines include hopper feeding and side feeding.

  • Hopper Feeding Pelletizing System

    A feeding hopper feeds materials directly into the extruder without preheating. Harder plastic scraps or rigid regrind such as crushed HDPE bottles are suitable to be recycled by the hopper feeding system. Soft plastic materials such as crushed and washed PE films are also processable, which makes a flexible solution for the hopper feeding pelletizer.

  • Side Feeding Pelletizing System

    A side feeding is a stable and continuous measure to feed materials. It allows stable extruder feeding even when the bulk density varies. So the overload and underload can be avoided, which assures maximum efficiency.

  • Cutter Compactor Feeding Recycling Pelletizer

    A compacting and pelletizing system combines the function of the cutter, crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing in one step. It is an efficient solution for plastic film, HDPE bags, plastic raffia, zipper, nonwoven bags and foaming materials repelletizing.

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Flexible Customized Pelletizing System from Genius

Upon the customer's requirements, Genius provides a flexible customized pelletizing system for each customer starting from sorting units, feeding units, to degassing units, number or type of melt filters, storage and packing systems. Moreover, due to the various materials to recycle, Genius helps customers with the unique screw design requirements and pelletizing units.

Through the various requirements and feedback from different customers, today we are one of the most reliable manufacturers of customized plastic recycling machines. Below, you’ll see 2 case studies of Genius’s super services.

  • Peru - Video Conference Support for the Installation

    Recently a Peruvian customer who started in the recycling business for the first time acquired a recycling pelletizing line. However, due to the pandemic, the engineers were not able to travel abroad for the installation. For the customer that is a huge disadvantage to install a recycling machine because it is their first time acquiring this machine. Genius’s technicians have supported them through the usage of video conferencing during the installation. The customer followed the instructions and installed the whole machine by themself without any further inconvenience.

  • Japan - Repeat Orders to Genius

    The customer was originally using Japanese recycling machines. They bought a squeeze dryer from Genius three years ago and were impressed with the quality of the machine. Then they bought another set of recycling lines. After operating and making sure about the efficiency of the line, they contacted Genius’s technicians and ordered once more another set of the same recycling line.


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