KRIEGER-125 / Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine / LDPE and HDPE Film / Indonesia

What KRIEGER SERIES bring to our Indonesian buyer?

Providing well-organized recycling solution for customers! Our cutter compactor plastic recycling machine is designed to process in-house film waste. What the customer needs is to recycle and reprocess post-industrial waste, i.e., LDPE and HDPE.

Making high standard final plastic pellets is our core value. A good and long-term international industrial cooperation involves product quality, production efficiency and company reputation. The buyer is doing a commercial project with Japanese enterprise. Fine product quality and high output are the primary concern for the customer.

Normally, three meshes is basic equipment for a cutter compactor plastic recycling machine. In this case, it has four sieves with fine and large meshes and the largest mesh is #150. The customized filter design greatly removes the impurities from the recycled waste.

What’s more, the machine is equipped with the latest pelletizing device. As a result, the quality of the final product outweighs the rest. More importantly, the overall output achieves 500kg/hr.

Fine plastic pellets help our customer enjoy good reputation for quality and maintain stable business relationship with the Japanese company.

Country: Indonesia