KRIEGER-Z-125i / Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine / PE Foam / Korea


After the systematic and careful production, seven days for sending and four days for installation. Finally, KRIEGER-Z-125i have been installed successfully in Daegu, South Korea.

The new model of the two-stage extruder: type Z

We had seen the extruder with two stages in the past. During propelling the material from the main extruder to the sub extruder, if the rotation and speed aren’t in sync, it gets stuck in the hopper. It sometimes causes the overflow of material.
 Moreover, all the material got stuck in the open type hopper. It discharged the gas and bad smell-burnt plastic smell.
 In this new brand of an extruder with two stages: Z type, the main extruder and sub extruder are jointed. Therefore, it prevents the materials get stuck. Moreover, the gas/smoke that it releases is little. No MORE POLLUTION.
 The set reserves efficiently space and labor force. ONLY NEEDS 2 or3 Workers to operate the whole machine/plant.
 Now the machine is operating in South Korea, and it is processing PE foam and has a capacity of 400 kg per hour.

Country: South Korea