KRIEGER-Z-125i / Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine / PE Foam / Korea


After 90 days of systematic and careful production, 7 days of shipping, and 4 days of installation, KRIEGER-Z-125i has finally been installed successfully in Daegu, Korea.

The new model of two-stage extruder: Z type

In the two-stage extruder we had seen in the market in the past, during the propelling of material from the main to the sub extruder - if the rotation and speed aren’t in sync - they get stuck in the hopper. And this sometimes leads to an overflow of material.

Furthermore, since the material goes into an open-type hopper, it discharges smoke and bad smell - burnt plastic smell.

In this brand new Z Type two-stage extruder, the main and sub extruders are already joined. Therefore preventing the material from getting stuck. Also the gas/smoke it releases is much less. NO MORE POLLUTION!

In addition, this setup effectively saves space and manpower! You’ll NEED ONLY 2 TO 3 WORKERS to operate the whole machine/plant.

This machine is now in full operation in Korea and is already processing PE foam and the productivity is up to 400 kg per hour.

Country: South Korea