KRIEGER-85 / Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine / LDPE Film / USA

cutter compactor plastic recycling machine

3 in 1 Plastic Recycling Machine has become dominant among series of plastic recycling machine in recent years. Compared to hopper feeding and side feeding recycling machine, 3 in 1 plastic recycling machine makes higher efficiency of production and obvious reduction in labor cost.

The buyer is packaging film products manufacturer. There is a need to recycle all scrap films and edge-trimmed materials from production and packaging in respond to global market trend, public awareness of environmental concerns and also saving the cost of raw materials prominently.

What’s more, our customer matters the quality of final plastic pellets which can be reused for future application. Genius’ cutter compactor plastic recycling machine features high value of plastic pellets and product durability. That’s why our buyer relies on us. This is the first success in California, U.S.A. We firmly believe that this is a good start in the west and expect to embrace more opportunities of Genius’ machine installations.

Country: United States