Highlight of Genius- Brand New Design of Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine

High output and User-friendly machine

Experience top quality cutter compactor recycling machine

Compared to traditional plastic recycling machine, there is no need to crush the recycled materials before recycling for KRIEGER-SERIES. It performs three individual functions of crushing, extruding and pelletizing in one machine. In contrast with previous model, cutter compactor recycling machine saves labor cost and requires less space. 3 in 1 design gives the user quick and easy access to process waste plastics.

Automatic blade adjustment

The integrated recycling technology is specifically made for reprocessing PP, BOPP, PE production waste materials. Hot die face pelletizing system is a universal joint design. Automatic blade adjustment assures a precise modification of the blades in connection with the die plate. Therefore, rearrangement of die plate is unnecessary. 

Success in global market
Success in global market

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See you in Taipei!
See you in Taipei!

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