It’s time to kick out your old fashion equipment!

It’s time to kick out your old fashion equipment!

In late November, 2017, the fifth RECO series pelletizers started to be processed in Taichung.

The major material for this client to recycle is HDPE bottle. In the past, 175mm screw was used in the old type. The output capacity only could reach 500kg per hour. After the brand new RECO-Z-150i was installed, the screw diameter only 150mm measured. The output capacity can reach 1100kg per hour.

Comparing with old one, it only needs the same motors with the old type. And its screw is much smaller and lower energy consumption. The most important of all, the output capacity was doubled than the old style one.

How does it work?

RECO series-Force side feeding device: Its stable and continuous feeding measure assures the maximum efficiency.

Z type connection: The main and sub extruder are now connected which solves the overflow problem and prevents the material from getting stuck in the sub extruder’s hopper.

Triple Degassing:After washed HDPE bottle flakes usually remain an extent of moisture. Through the triple degassing device with special design, the pellets won’t have a cavity inside.