Genius Enews E0058: Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine: One Machine for All Types of Materials

Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine: One Machine for All Types of Materials

► GENIUS: Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine

In the plastic recycling industry, one of the current main customer demands is to have a recycling machine that can process many different types of plastic materials. GENIUS Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine lines are exactly cut out for these requirements. GENIUS developed these machinery series to meet various customer demands to process different types of plastic materials with an affordable cost. Moreover, these cutter compactor recycling machines provide customers flexible customization options with lower energy consumption and less labor requirements.

Nowadays, the plastic material types used in consumer products are very different. Hence, the recycling businesses must process very different types of post consumer recycling materials. GENIUS cutter compactor recycling machines equipped with highly flexible components to be able to process a huge range of materials such as plastic films, foams, woven plastic fabrics, various types of raffia, washed & squeezed films, flakes, edge-trimmed, and cutting-edge materials. The plastic classifications can be listed as follows but not limited: PET, PP, OPP, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, HIPS, etc.

Superior Features of

GENIUS Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine

In terms of the machinery industry, customers are more willing to acquire durable, lasting, cost savvy and highly customizable machineries. Let’s take a closer look at the GENIUS cutter compactor recycling machines in this article and see why those are the reliable choice for many recycling businesses.

  • Energy Saving : Reduces the overall energy consumption up to 20%.
  • Labor Cost Saving : Thanks to smart design and ease of use, only 1~2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.
  • Output Capacity : In comparison to traditional pelletizing machines such as force feeding recycling machines, GENIUS cutter compactor recycling machines provide higher output capacity with a lower energy consumption.
  • Wide range of materials processing : Doesn't matter the type of the material such as solid or rigid, rafia or foam materials all can be processed in the machine.
  • Cutter Compactor Unit : The machine is equipped with a high-speed compactor unit which creates friction heat and compacts especially the fluffy materials. This unit not only helps a continuous uniform feeding for better material output, but also assists the moisture removal during processing.
  • Flexible Customization : Upon the customer requirements GENIUS specialist team provides a flexible customized recycling system for each customer starting from sorting units, feeding units, to degassing units , number or type of filters, storage and packing systems.Moreover, due to the various materials to recycle, GENIUS often helps customers with the unique screw design requirements and pelletizing units. Also, the cutter compactor recycling machines are equipped with such as dual piston screen changers and auto self-cleaning filters upon customer’s request. Recently most of the customers prefer die face cutting pelletizing units. Plant size has also become another consideration for many customers, the company has already received many customers’ appreciation with the custom-size machine manufacturing for various sizes of plants.

Customer Feedback and Success Stories

When it comes to acquiring a new machine or starting a certain business, the machine manufacturers are supposed to convince their customers with the project they have done since past years with the other customers. Thanks to responsible after-sales services and customer care, GENIUS has been earning its customers trust with successful projects around the world for more than 40 years. So far, the company has already achieved more than 2,000 projects in more than 50 countries including in Central and South America, North America, Europe, Asia.

For instance, recently a Peruvian customer who started in the recycling business for the first time acquired a recycling line of GENIUS. However, due to the pandemic the engineers were not able to travel abroad for the installation. That is a huge pressure for the customer to install a recycling machine that he acquired for the first time. The GENIUS team has supported the customer through the video conference method during the installation. The customer followed the instructions and installed the whole machine by himself and stated: “At the beginning I was very anxious, but glad to have the clear and patient guidance, as well as the easy to use machine design, the machine operates smoothly and a weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. ”

Another customer story of 2021 during these tough days is from Japan. The customer was originally using Japanese recycling machines. The customer bought a squeeze dryer from GENIUS three years ago, and was impressed with the quality of the machine. Then in the beginning of 2021 he bought a set of recycling lines from GENIUS. After operating and making sure about the efficiency of the line, he contacted GENIUS and already ordered another set of the same recycling line.

In terms of the machinery industry, customers are more willing to acquire durable, lasting, and highly customizable machineries. This is where GENIUS always stands in the industry and with its customers. To learn more about the company and its plastic recycling solutions, please take a look at:

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