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Plastic pelletizing is a system and technology in which plastic scraps are recycled back into a reusable raw material. The melt-filtrated strands are cooled briefly and cut into pellets. Plastic manufacturers or processors can then reuse it for a variety of applications. Plastic Pelletizing Machine for recycling plays a crucial role to recycle and reuse plastic wastes. More and more manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce waste and recycling materials in their processes. To help you understand your options and which kind might be the best fit for your plastic pelletizing recycling processes, our experienced team integrates a professional and referable list of " 3 Basic Guides to Pelletizing Machines for Plastic Recycling."


Cutting Types of Plastic Pelletizing Machines and Pelletizing Lines 

Pelletizers are essential parts in the recycling industry. Three major cutting types of plastic recycling pelletizing systems and technologies are available. The main differences are summarized as below.

  • Hot Die Face Pelletizing System

    • Hot Die Water-ring Pelletizing

    • Underwater Pelletizing System (UWP)

  • Strand Pelletizing System

  • Automatic Strand Pelletizing System

Hot Die Face Pelletizing Recycling Strand Pelletizing Recycling Automatic Strand Pelletizing Recycling
Water-Ring Pelletizing Recycyling Underwater Pelletizing Recycling
Automation Big Scope Big Scope Little Scope Little Scope
Footprint Smaller Smaller Larger Larger
Investment Cost Higher Higher Lower Middle
Pellet Shape Round & Flat Spherical Cylinderical Cylinderical
Pellet Dusting Less Less More More
Pellet Size Improved (vs. Strand) Most Consistent Less Consistent More


Key Components of Plastic Waste Pelletizing Machines

The main parts of the plastic waste pelletizing machine are conveyor belt, cutter, compactor, shredder, extruder, pelletizer, cooling system, drying system and silo tank. With different internal screws systems, the machines can handle a variety of materials.

  • Conveyor belt

  • Cutter compactor

  • Shredder

  • Extruder

  • Pelletizing system

  • Cooling system

  • Drying system (Drying centrifuge)

  • Silo tank or bagging station


Feeding Type of Pelletizing Machine for Plastic Recycling

The common feeding types include hopper feeding and side feeding.

  • Hopper Feeding Recycling Pelletizer

    A feeding hopper feeds materials directly into the extruder without preheating. Harder plastic scraps or rigid regrind such as HDPE bottles are suitable to be recycled by hopper feeding system. Soft plastic materials such as crushed and washed PE films are also processable, which makes the hopper feeding recycling pelletizer a flexible solution.

    PLASTIC RECYCLING PELLETIZING MACHINE - Hopper Feeding Recycling Pelletizer
  • Side Feeding Recycling Pelletizer

    A side feeding is a stable and continuous measure to feed materials. It allows stable extruder feeding even when the bulk density varies. So the overloading and underloading are avoided, which assures the maximum efficiency.

    CYCLING PELLETIZING MACHINE - Side Feeding Recycling Pelletizer
  • Cutter Compactor Feeding Recycling Pelletizer

    A compacting and pelletizing system combines the function of cutter, crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing in one step. It is an efficient solution for plastic film, HDPE bags, plastic raffia, zipper, non woven bags and foaming materials repelletizing.

    PLASTIC RECYCLING PELLETIZING MACHINE - Cutter Compactor Feeding Recycling Pelletizer


News Version of Plastic Pelletizing Machine

Most manufacturing plants are looking for one universal recycling pelletizing machine that can process many different types of plastic materials. GENIUS Cutter Compactor Recycling Machine lines are exactly cut out for these requirements. We have developed a new version of plastic recycling pelletizing machines to achieve flexible recycling with competitive prices. Moreover, these pelletizers provide customization options with lower energy consumption and less labor requirement. Super features are listed as below.

  • Wide range of materials processing:

    No matter the type of the material such as solid or rigid, rafia or foam, all materials can be processed in the machine.
  • Energy Saving:

    It reduces the overall energy consumption up to 20%.
  • Labor Cost Saving:

    Only 1 ~ 2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.
  • Output Capacity:

    In comparison to traditional recycling pelletizing machines such as force feeding recycling machines, GENIUS cutter compactor recycling machines provide higher output capacity with a lower energy consumption.
  • Cutter Compactor Unit:

    The recycling pelletizing machine is equipped with a high-speed compactor unit which creates friction heat and compacts especially the fluffy materials. This unit not only helps a continuous uniform feeding for better material output, but also assists the moisture removal during processing.


Plastic Pelletizing Machine Manufacturer

GENIUS has been earning its customers trust with successful projects around the world for more than 40 years. So far, the company has already achieved more than 2,000 plastic recycling pelletizing machine projects in more than 50 countries.

  • Case study in Peruvian - Video Conference Support for the Installation

    Recently a Peruvian customer who started in the recycling business for the first time acquired a recycling pelletizing line of GENIUS. However, due to the pandemic the engineers were not able to travel abroad for the installation. That is a huge pressure for the customer to install a recycling machine that he acquired for the first time. The GENIUS team has supported the customer through the video conference during the installation. The customer followed the instructions and installed the whole machine by himself.

  • Case study in Japan - Repeat Orders

    The customer was originally using Japanese recycling machines. The customer bought a squeeze dryer from GENIUS three years ago, and was impressed with the quality of the machine. Then in the beginning of 2021 he bought a set of recycling lines from GENIUS. After operating and making sure about the efficiency of the line, he contacted GENIUS and already ordered another set of the same recycling line. In recent years, repeat orders account for much of our business and repeat customers spend more on each purchase, above is somehow like the one of examples Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

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