KRIEGER-100 / Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine / PE Film / Vietnam

This client is regarded as the biggest plastic bag making company in Southeast Asia which has five divisions and the place is around 300 hectare. The production line has 400 blow film machines running synchronously and the main product is LDPE plastic bag.

After KRIEGER’s installment in Vietnam, the daily productivity is around 13 tons equal to more than 500 KG per hour.

The Vietnamese client says: KRIEGER can process our redundant material to re-pelletize and the quality of pellets is excellent which can be used for the purpose of blow film. The advantages are saving costs, automatic design, and labor-saving. We just need to assign two people to take care of the machine then it will be fine.

The client placed a repeated order for the same machine due to KRIEGER’s extraordinary performance. The second machine installed in Vietnam on the estimated date of May, 2017.

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Country: Vietnam