Two-Stage Force Side Feeding Plastic Recycling Machine

Application Materials

PET, PP, PS, PE, ABS, HIPS, and more. Suitable for plastic rigid materials, including crushed bottles, crushed industrial waste.

Superior Features

  • Increasingly Feeding

    The force side feeding device creates a very stable feeding flow. With stable feeding, the main screw is always fully loaded with materials, which ensures the highest output performance. Increase the output capacity by up to 50%.

  • Unrivaled Degassing

    Up to triple optional degassing zones equipped with vacuum pumps. Maximize the degassing efficiency.

  • Exhaust-Free Construct

    The unique development of a two-stage extruder. A completely enclosed flow design, which prevents the molten polymer from releasing smoke.

  • Better Flexibility

    Genius recycling specialist team provides customized recycling systems, flexible options from sorting, feeding, degassing, filtration, to storage and packing systems. According to the clients’ needs, presenting a smart and reliable plant.


Increase the output capacity up to 50%

Labor cost is reduced as only 1~2 operators are needed to operate the whole plant.






Vibrating screener



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